This cover of the first official organ of The American Legion emphasizes the unemployment problem facing many ex-soldiers during the post-war recession.



Are you ready to start the fourth quarter of the legion year. This is the time for planning for next years leaders. Post’s throughout the state will be holding their elections of delegates to represent them at their district meeting and at the California Department convention. The big question is do we have the personnel on board to take over the leadership and running of Post 419. Someone with leadership abilities, particularly someone with new ideas on promoting our post in Veterans programs or membership.

I am sure that there are members out there with just these qualification, members who can make Post 419 the best in District 13. As I have written before we elect our Commander, 1st and 2nd Vice Commanders, and the following are appointed by the incoming Commander; - Adjutant, Finance Officer, Chaplain, Sgt-at Arms, Service Officer, Historian and Judge Advocate. This year’s nomination will be Wednesday April 4th and the election will be held at the membership meeting on May 2nd. These positions do require commitment and some work, some more than others, but it is not anything that requires a 40 hour week to handle, unless you want it to. The American Legion also 26 committees on special programs. These can be found on the Department website. We should be working on at least two or three of these programs for the Post 419 in support of Veterans, Activity Duty personnel, their children and families and again it is not a 24/7 job, only what you can contribute as a volunteer.