This cover of the first official organ of The American Legion emphasizes the unemployment problem facing many ex-soldiers during the post-war recession.

August 2017

This past couple of months have been very busy for me. Changing over from the Adjutant to the Commander position, trying to get on top of all that is required to be the Commander of this great organization. It started in late June with the annual Department Convention in Riverside, CA.. Then an the 4th of July some of us Post members went to the VA Menlo Park facility and conducted games with prizes for the Veterans who are residents at that facility. These games are done twice a year. The first is on Presidents Day in February, the second is on the 4th of July. Next year in February, if you can save Presidents Day your help would be greatly appreciated at the games as well on the 4th of July. The satisfaction you get from helping these veterans enjoy a few hours of fun is indescribable.