This cover of the first official organ of The American Legion emphasizes the unemployment problem facing many ex-soldiers during the post-war recession.

May 2019

I am pleased to announce that I have agreed to take the position of volunteer newsletter
editor and publisher for Post 419. I have been somewhat inactive since 2017 due to a service-connected medical condition and a stroke suffered by my wife, Jeri.
Gene Grundstrom published the newsletter for many years and served in nearly every capacity
in Post 419. He is owed a debt of gratitude from our members. He has agreed to act as a
consultant on the newsletter if I need any assistance.
I encourage our members to offer suggestions and constructive criticism regarding the
Reveille. I am planning to improve the newsletter as we move forward at Post 419 and
welcome your comments. I will be publishing each monthly newsletter on or around the 25th
of the previous month.
As Gene Grundstrom stated in the January 2017 Reveille, “
get involved, keep it [the Post]
growing so you can help more of our fellow Veterans”.
Yours in service to Veterans,
Mel Irvin