This cover of the first official organ of The American Legion emphasizes the unemployment problem facing many ex-soldiers during the post-war recession.



Greetings to all, Looks like I am back on this position again. The month of June I have been busy in various adventures. As far as the Legion goes I attended the state Convention as a Delegate for the Post as well as the Son’s of the American Legion. This year the convention was held up in Sacramento at the Lions Gate Park complex at McClellan. Registration is always fun looking for our delegates, this year we were at various hotels so it wasn’t easy to get together. So day one was spent trying to find all of the rooms for each committee meeting. All of the delegates were responsible to attend assigned meetings. For myself as well as being a dual member, I am also the District Commander of the Sons, and we have 4 squadrons in our district. I did spend most of my time in the Sons convention and as it works our committees also reflect the Legions programs. Membership is the key for both the Legions and post stability. The Sons put a resolution for membership, dealing with what happens if a legion member quits the Legion to retain a .member’s offspring. This resolution Passed.