Santa Clara Post 419



This Booster List contains the names of individual citizens from the the greater Santa Clara community whose gracious and patriotic spirit support our Post with unselfish dedication and financial contributions.  To learn more about becoming a Booster, read below and please Contact Us.

Become a Booster

Participate in worthwhile community and veteran projects.  For a small tax deductible donation, we will post your name on our web page volunteer list showing the world that you support and appreciate our Veterans and brave men and women serving our country today.  We will also thank donors of $100 or more by giving a 10% discount on one event ticket to any of our Legion Family special events.  

Your donation entitles you to create up to a three-line saying or greeting.  Be creative.  Your saying could be heartfelt, reflect your pride in our military personnel, love of country, etc.  Selectively, we will forward some of them to our active duty servicemen and servicewomen.  Show them that you really care, appreciate and love them.  If you wish to also advertise your business, please visit our Sponsors page.

Please send your financial (tax deductible) contributions to our Post at 958 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95050.  Any amount will be appreciated.  Checks or money orders are accepted, but please do not send cash.  Questions?  Contact Us!  

Thank you for your support.

Ms. Carolyn Schulte

Mary Artibee

Milt Mallory